Terms of Reference
Regulation odf Procedure
Public Notice
The Justice R. S. Pathak Inquiry Authority has been set up to inquire into the sources of information, materials and documents that were available with the Independent Inquiry Committee (appointed by the Secretary General of the United Nations to investigate the administration of the UN Oil-For-Food Programme headed by Mr. Paul Volcker, former Chairman of the United States Federal Reserve) in its Fifth and Final Substantive Report (including the Tables) pertaining to contracts bearing number M/9/54 and number M/10/57 and to give its opinion on the authenticity and reliability of the said sources, materials and documents, and whether, in its opinion, the purported transactions in oil are genuine or not.

Further, the Authority is to inquire into the aforesaid information, materials and documents and any other material or evidence that may be obtained by it and to give its opinion whether the references to Indian entities and individuals pertaining to these contracts are justified or not, whether any Indian entity or individual received any money or other consideration from or paid any money or other consideration to any government/ agency/company/firm or individual with regard to these contracts.

The Inquiry Authority shall inquire into any other aspect or matter relevant to the Inquiry pertaining to these contracts and make any recommendations or suggestions that the Inquiry Authority may consider necessary or proper.

The Authority with its Headquarters at Delhi has been mandated to complete its findings and submit its report within a period of six months unless extended by the Government. The Authority has been vested with powers to regulate its own procedure including the fixing of places and timings of its sittings.

A Resolution setting up the Authority and containing the Terms of Reference has been published in the Gazette of India on 11.11.2005.